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    4 August 2007

    Digital dictation part 2...

    Our old PACS, a low-cost affair based on web browsers, and with no RIS-PACS integration, has been replaced by an Agfa Impax PACS, and we now have one-way RIS-PACS integration, so that when an examination is opened on the RIS, the images automatically load up on PACS.

    It still needs a bit of tweaking, but it has made a world of difference, and reporting is much easier. I have now stopped using casette tapes.

    Some time ago I published a post expressing reservations about digital dictation systems, but, as one correspondent suggested, it was because our system was not properly set up. He was right and I was wrong. We do not have speech recognition at present, but I'm investigating this actively.

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    Dr. Fox said...

    I read your comments about Digital Dictation systems, and I have to say that from my experience using digital recorders I have had great results and I love how it has improved my workflow!

    I dictate into my recorder. Dock it. It downloads automatically. Then I get a document, AUTOMATICALLY, of the transcribed file when my transcriptionist is done! Everything is Automatic, I love it!

    I don't blame you however for your initial thoughts. If the software isn't configured correctly, it could make things look complicated.

    If you buy professional versions of dictation and/or transcription equipment, your dealer should provide you with installation and configuration. If you want a fast set-up time, making your transition from cassette tape to digital seamless, then I recommend you take a look at Novuscript's site: They even installed my new software on two computers AND configured them for FREE!

    I bought my equipment from Novuscript, and have never looked back. I love digital now!