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    28 March 2007

    This is not a post-contrast CT

    The patient had a haemoglobin of 23, which presumably accounts for the increased attenuation in the cerebral vessels.

    24 March 2007

    Radiology Grand Rounds X

    I am hosting this month's Radiology Grand Rounds on behalf of Dr Sumer Sethi. An explanation of the general idea can be found in his site:

    Here's my contribution, two cases which I saw recently, an unsuspected myocardial infarct, and a patient with superior mesenteric artery syndrome.

    Here are some other submissions, one from GC George, and another from Chris Depelteau.

    "Radiology journal watch" is a new feature at 'You can now view titles for all, and abstracts for most, articles in the current issues or AJR, Radiology and Radiographics at a glance. You can also view the titles for all articles in the current issues of each journal separately by expanding the panels on the main page's lower right (you may need to scroll down a bit). The listings automatically update themselves frequently, so the content is always fresh.'
    Check it out here.

    Last, but not least, three submissions from the man himself, Sumer:

    Gadolinium in renal failure (please also see my entry on this site, three posts down from this one, dated 9 February 2007),

    Sumers's attempt to compile all radiology related blogs at one place- The radiology Blogosphere,

    and a review of literature on acrominion shape.

    The Radiology Grand Rounds archives can be found at

    16 March 2007

    I wonder how much these cost

    I saw these at the ECR, and as usual I could not get a straight answer about pricing, but they might be just the thing for someone wanting an extra MRI scanner in the casualty department.

    1 March 2007

    Update: MEHT Policy for accidental overexposure

    Revised Feb 2007

    To provide a mechanism for recording and investigation incidents where an individual undergoing a medical exposure receives a radiation dose greater than intended.
    To identify persons responsible for making and acting on those reports and to identify the actions to be taken, including reporting to external agencies as considered appropriate.

    Posted here.