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    13 April 2009

    Payment structures influence dental radiography utilisation?

    NHS dentists were traditionally paid for individual “items of treatment”: each X-ray they took resulted in a payment. In England, the number of X-rays taken in 2003/04 averaged 53.2 per 100 “courses of treatment”. Since 2006, however, NHS dentists in England have not received payments for individual X-rays, but only for completed courses of treatment. Preliminary results for 2007/08 show that the number of X-rays taken by dentists in England has decreased to 31.5 per 100 courses of treatment. In Scotland, by contrast, where the traditional method of payment for dentists continues, there has been no equivalent reduction.

    Margaret McCarthy
    Financial Times 11 April 2009

    3 April 2009

    Screening for occult cancer in idiopathic DVT?

    Should patients with venous thrombosis have cancer screening?
    RK Patel
    Thrombus, 2009 Apr. Volume 13, Number 1.

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    Lévesque H.[Article in French]

    Recently completed trial:

    Screening for Occult Malignancy in Idiopathic Venous Thromboembolism (Univeristy of Padova)