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    16 August 2007

    CAD for detecting bone metastases on CT

    There was some discussion at work the other day about how detection of bone mets on CT could be quite tricky. The authors of this article, which describes a computer aided detection (CAD) system for detecting lytic lesions in the spine, put it rather diplomatically

    "It has been postulated that bone metastases are missed at CT ... there is a perception that these [bone] windows are underused by radiologists and oncologists."

    CAD has been developed for lung and breast lesions. This might be another useful application.

    O'Connor SD, Yao J, Summers RM.
    Lytic metastases in thoracolumbar spine: computer-aided detection at CT-preliminary study.
    Radiology. 2007 Mar;242(3):811-6

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