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    22 August 2007

    New Guidelines: Urinary Tract Infection in Children

    The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) have issued new guidelines for UTI in children (Ref CG54).
    There is a handy quick reference guide (Imaging is covered in pages 12 - 13).
    Other relevant NICE documents, including the full guidance, can be found here.

    A few months ago my paediatrician colleague Dr Job Cyriac gave a nice lecture on this topic. You can view his slides here.

    A significant change in radiological practice has been the reduction in the number of micturating cystourethrograms, which is great for everyone.

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    Mikey said...

    Children urinary tract infection symptoms can be easy overlooked and treated as some other disorder. Urinary tract infection should be considered when a child or infant seems irritable, has an unexpected fever that doesnt go away,is not eating normally, has incontinence or loose bowels, or is not thriving. Children are more likely to have only fever and no other symptoms. You should thake children to a doctor if you notice change in urinary pattern.