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    9 February 2008

    New high energy ultrasound technique improves visualisation of liver tumours

    A new ultrasound technique developed at Duke University known as Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse imaging (ARFI) improves visualisation of liver tumours by using the elasticity or stiffness of the tumour to improve contrast between it and the surrounding tissue.
    (Credit: Image courtesy of Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University)

    Siemens are working on a prototype.

    There have been several articles about this in radiology websites, but I thought this one, from a non-medical scientific site, provided a nice summary:

    This is the article:
    In vivo visualization of abdominal malignancies with acoustic radiation force elastography
    B J Fahey et al 2008 Phys. Med. Biol. 53 279-293

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