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    23 February 2008

    "The decline in positioning skills" (according to a radiographer)

    A post from the blog of a radiographer who is now a PACS adminstrator:
    ....recently I have noticed that positioning skills have been declining or Technologists just don’t seem to care much anymore.

    I have pondered as to why this seems to be happening and have come up with a few theories that I will list below in no particular order as I think they all have a part in the decline of the skills.....
    In summary, the main reasons he gives are:
    1. Modern radiographer training.
    2. The effects of PACS.
    3. Radiologists accepting poor quality images.
    4. CT and MRI (discussed in the comments to the main article).
    Read more here.
    (From A Ferret's VIew of PACS and Life).

    The picture above comes from this site which is worth a look.

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