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    15 September 2007

    Interruptions at work

    A common problem for all radiologists: being interrupted. It's time consuming and disruptive, and the distraction can lead to loss of concentration, and errors in reporting.

    In a 2005 study, researchers at the University of California at Irvine found that information workers at an outsourcing company spent an average of 11 minutes on a project or task before they were interrupted. Once diverted, it took them 25 minutes to return to the original task. Sound familiar?
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    Nevertheless, being consulted is part of our job.

    Some suggestions, from a letter in Radiology, :
    1. Institute a radiology consultant of the day or specific times for consultation.
    2. Close the door, at least until you have finished reviewing the complex examination on your monitor.
    3. Finish what you are doing before engaging with the clinicians .

    More suggestions are found in this post in Lifehack, How to Avoid Lengthy Interruptions a Work. The one I like best is
    When someone arrives for a pop-bye, stand and greet her but don’t sit down. Standing tells your visitor that you have things to do so let’s get on with it.

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