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    10 September 2007

    Accessories for Owls

    According to Carl Gray, Radiologists and Pathologists tend to be "Owls" (Need three alarm clocks - Hate getting out of bed - Cannot function before 10 am, revived by lunch - Fully functional by mid-afternoon, productive in evenings - Stay up till 1 or 2 am routinely - Cannot sleep because of ideas - On holiday, sleep in even later).

    I'm definitely an Owl.

    I've recently learnt about some useful accessories for the Owl.

    The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock is extremely loud and has a thing that goes under your pillow or mattress to vibrate you out of bed.

    The Flying Alarm Clock flies around your room and you have to get up and catch it to switch it off.

    I already have three alarm clocks, in addition to my wife's and my mobile phones, which makes five alarms in total, and there's no more space on the bedside table...

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