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    30 April 2007

    Free online software for calculating bone age

    I came across this on Sumer Sethi's famous Radiology blog.

    I'm not sure if it's easier than flipping through the Greulich and Pyle Atlas, and I've never used the Tanner Whitehouse method. Nor do I know if this method has been validated (I've tried to look in PubMed). But it looks like it might be interesting for people who like this sort of thing.

    More bone age software, for Mac only, and integrated with Osirix:

    2 comments: said...

    I could not access Sumer's.
    I have used TannerWhitehouse for bone age of teenage cricketers in international competitions to verify age categories. its good but laborious.
    Was wondering, how you report bone age of youngsters using G&P?
    Do you look for best match then state this in report.
    Any comment about the mean bone age at this chronological age and the standard deviation?

    Peng Hui Lee said...

    Hi Shahrin,

    I have never used the Tanner Whitehouse method myself, but at least one of my paediatric colleagues does. With the G&P I look at the best match and state it in the report. I have no views about the mean bone age or SD.