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    3 April 2007

    Workstation ergonomics and PACS reading room design

    One of the risks of PACS is work-related injuries as a result of using workstations for prolonged periods.

    This article was posted on Lifehack. It's an online video tutorial on workstation ergonomics, with a self assessment checklist. Highly recommeded for anyone who spends time with computers (of whom radiologists are only a tiny minority)

    Here are some articles about PACS reading room ergonomics and design:

    Harisinghani MG, et al Importance and effects of altered workplace ergonomics in modern radiology suites. Radiographics. 2004 Mar-Apr;24(2):615-27.

    Prabhu SP, et al. Ergonomics of digital imaging. Br J Radiol. 2005 Jul;78(931):582-6.

    Here's more:
    A powerpoint presentation of Dr Eliot Siegel's resentation at the UK Radiological Congress 2006, a presentation from GE, and a video by Dr Siegel: Digital eye for the analog guy.