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    7 November 2008

    BoneXpert: automated bone age determination

    BoneXpert is a software product that computes bone age automatically based using the Greulich-Pyle and the Tanner-Whitehouse systems. It is installed on a PC and can be set up as a "PACS listener" so that the radiographer can send the hand x-ray (as a DICOM file) from PACS to the BoneXpert PC, where the analysis is carried out automatically in 10 seconds. The images then appear on the BoneXpert PC with the patient details and the name of the referring physician.

    I haven't tried it myself, but the program can be downloaded from the website. The first five analyses are free. Thereafter, licensing thereafter is on a fee-per-analysis basis, currently 5 Euro per image, with discounts for developing countries. BoneXpert "conforms to the European Community Directive for Medical Devices EC 1993/42, as indicated by the CE mark".

    The website also has a list of publications which have been accepted in peer-reviwed journals which suggest that the product has been validated , based on the Greulich-Pyle atlas.

    Sounds interesting, and possibly even cost-effective.

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