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    21 June 2008

    "Why does a CT scan cost so much in the USA?"

    There's a post in Vijay's blog from October 2007 discussing the cost of healthcare in the United States It makes interesting reading, as do the comments that have been posted by various people describing their experiences.

    Here is the video about the incident:

    There has been a lot of grumbling in Britain about the "Stalinist" National Health Service (NHS), but there are worse ways to organise a country's healthcare. I work for the NHS, and I am only too aware of its deficiencies, but those who wish to dismantle it should consider the possible consequences of alternative systems. Privatisation of the previously state-owned British railways did not lead to improved service. There is no inherent reason why a privatised national healthcare system in the UK will fare any better. Railway journeys in the UK are extremely expensive compared to the rest of the UK. I'm always being told how cheap it is to go shopping in the US compared to the UK. What will happen if our healthcare is privatised?

    Link: Keep our NHS public

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