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    22 January 2008

    PostureMinder: Automatic posture monitoring for workstations

    I came across this product in a PC magazine.
    PostureMinder uses any standard, off-the-shelf webcam to continually check your posture while you work. If you slump or lean consistently for a minute or two at a time, the software detects this and provides an an on-screen reminder to help you avoid spending long periods in these damaging postures.
    I've not seen or tried it but it's had a good review in PC Advisor.

    A useful add-on for your PACS workstation? It's only £29.
    The website also has some good links to ergonomics sites.

    1 comment:

    Marc Bernard said...

    If I slump or lean for a minute or two? I spend most of the day slumped... :)