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    3 February 2007

    New Radiology Educational Resource is a new, free educational site developed by Simon Morley of UCH. The team includes Gerald de Lacey and Lol Berman.

    The aim of this website is to allow you to test yourself at interpreting radiology cases using software similar to normal day to day practice. We have developed viewing software which runs on your web browser allowing you to scroll through stacks of CT and MRI images and view plain film images with windowing zoom and pan functionality - just like a PACS workstation.

    It looks very good, but note that you need a reasonable computer with a broadband connection and adobe flash player. Some computers in some UK hospitals may not be up to the job.

    I've added a permanent link to this site, which I via Sumer's excellent Radiology site (where, ahem, MidEssexRay has recently had an honourable mention).

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