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    29 January 2007

    This is not an advert for Dell

    Since my previous post on using consumer-grade monitors for diagnosis there have been more reports on this subject, all suggesting that an appropriate consumer-grade colour monitor might perform just as well as medical-grade grey scale monitors costing 10 times more.

    Read them here, here and here.

    I've spoken to some vendors about this and mentioned it in the RCR PACS group forum, and the objections to these monitors have been to do with quality control and longevity.

    We'll see what happens in future.

    The monitor in question is the 24" Dell 2405 , which has now been superseded by the 2407. It has comparable brightness and contrast to medical grade monitors (not the case with other consumer-grade products), is currently on the "A-list". of PC Pro. Here's the review.

    I've never even seen one of these Dells so this post is not a personal endorsement or recommendation.

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