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    20 January 2006

    Free software for CT and MRI cerebral perfusion and breast MRI

    I came across this website offering free software, developed in conjunction with the University of Dusseldorf, for analysng CT and MRI cerebral perfusion studies, (stroketool-CT and stroketool) and contrast enhanced breast MRI studies (mammatool).

    We already have equivalents of stroketool and mammatool in our MRI unit so we would have no real use for this software, but someone might find it fun to play with.

    On the other hand, stroketool-CT might be useful, since we don't have cerebral perfusion software installed on our CT workstation. However I can't think of a way round the ethical and legal issues, i.e. giving iv contrast to stroke patients just to play around with free software that, according to the website "may not be used for diagnosis or patient treatment".

    I found the software via

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