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    24 September 2005

    Ultrasound instead of chest x-rays for nasogastric tube localisation

    I was giving a talk to our staff on "looking for medical information on the internet". There was a live demo on using PubMed, and the topic of nasogastric tubes was suggested by someone who clearly found the whole business of doing chest x-rays for localisation a bit tedious.

    This is an article we found:

    Sonography as an alternative to radiography for nasogastric feeding tube location.
    Vigneau C, Baudel JL, Guidet B, Offenstadt G, Maury E
    Intensive Care Med. 2005 Sep 20; [Epub ahead of print]
    Bedside sonography performed by nonradiologists is a sensitive method for confirming the position of weighted-tip feeding nasogastric feeding tubes. It is more rapid than conventional radiography and can easily be taught to ICU physicians. Conventional radiography could be reserved for cases in which sonography is inconclusive.

    Whoopee! Our ICU physicians have said they want to get their own ultrasound machine.

    We'll see.

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