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    9 March 2005

    Radiographers reporting CT colonography?

    In a multicentre European trial, after training with 50 cases, non-experts were pretty good compared to experts at polyp measurement and size categorisation on CT colonography.

    The non-experts, who had been trained on 50 cases, were radiologists and radiographers. The performance of non-expert radiologists and radiographers was about the same .

    ECR 3/7/2005, B-696 Polyp measurement and size categorisation by CT colonography: Agreement with colonoscopy and effect of observer experience
    D. Burling, &. ESGAR CT colonography study GROUP investigators; St. Mark's Hospital, London/GB

    Here is the abstract

    In Britain, we have radiographers trained to perform and report barium enemas, which they do to a high standard. Barium enemas will be obsolete in a few years' time.



    Anonymous said...

    Hope ur not being kept awake by polyps before ur eyes!
    R u telling me I need to retrain?

    Peng said...

    (Debbie is a radiographer colleague of mine who carries out and reports barium enemas)

    What would you like to do when there are no more barium enemas?